Call for Participants

We are now calling for participants to join the Macau AI Challenge 2019.

Important Dates

Registration period: 3 June 2019 – 20 July 2019
Testing phase(s): 3 June 2019 – 31 July 2019
Final phase: 25 July 2019 – 10 Aug 2019

The registration system can be found at

  • Besides the basic information (e.g., student name, school name, teachers), students are required to upload their student IDs for the eligibility checking;
  • The registration site is open till the beginning of the final stage (20 July 2019)

Challenge Detail

Please refer to the challenge page.

Submission Format

Please refer to the submission guideline.


The registration is now opened to all high school students in Macau.  Please find the detail in the challenge regulations and terms and conditions.


After we approve your registration request, we will offer the following accounts for you to participate into the challenge(s)

Discussion Forum