Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions  

Participant to Macau AI challenge 2019 organized by University of Macau undertakes to comply with the following terms: 

1) All intellectual property rights to the Macau AI challenge 2019, any trademarks, tradenames and copyrights of Macau AI challenge 2019 shall belong exclusively to University of Macau. 

2) Data may be used solely for the purpose of participating in Macau AI challenge 2019 on DATE. After then, data may be used upon request to University of Macau. 

3) Any data, code and/or content of Macau AI challenge 2019 may not be distributed or otherwise exploited by Participant other than for purposes of entry in the challenge. 

4) Any work and code made by Participant shall be original to Participant. In case any third party code or content used by Participant is not original to Participant, Participant shall acquire any and all necessary licenses and rights at its own cost from any thirdparty rights holders of such code and/or content. 

5) University of Macau does not provide any support to Participant or otherwise. 



澳門人工智慧挑戰賽2019由澳門大學主辦。 其參與者必須同意以下條款 

1)澳門人工智慧挑戰賽2019 的所有相關智慧財產權、商標、商標名和保護版權將歸於澳門大學; 

2)挑戰賽中的所有資料將只會被用於澳門人工智慧挑戰賽2019。 其他用途需要通過澳門大學的同意; 


4)參賽者的作品應當為原創。 如由有利用協力廠商程式碼或演算法,參賽者需要向關係方獲取必須的發行許可 

5) 澳門大學不會對參賽者提供任何協助。 一切解釋權將由澳門大學保留