Environment Installation for 2nd Workshop

1)  Download and Install Anaconda

Anaconda Python/R Distribution

2) Open Anaconda Prompt (WIN) or Open Terminal (MacOS)

3) Create a folder you want to start the development, 

For Windows, first create a folder “UMAIChallenge” under c drive and then type the following in your command box

cd c:\UMAIChallenge

For Mac, first create a folder “UMAIChallenge” under home folder and then type the following in your terminal 

cd ~\UMAIChallenge

4) Next, we create a virtual environment using Anaconda.

conda create -n UMAIChallenge python=3.6 scipy opencv keras=2.2.4 pandas scikit-learn=0.20.3 pillow

4.1) [UPDATE] If you have installed the environment before 15:00 1 June, please additional run the following scripts

conda install -n UMAIChallenge pillow pandas scikit-learn==0.20.3

5) After finish, type

conda activate UMAIChallenge

pip install jupyter

pip install opencv-python

6) Open Juypter Notebook for development

jupyter notebook