1. What are deadlines?
  2. March 15th
    – Please send the advertisement that will appear in the program booklet to Conference Manager: Andrew Jiang (andrew@iccmacao.com).
    – Please send your company logos for display on conference website, posters and on all larger banners at the conference venue area, at the reception and banquet.
    – If a sponsor has material to be included in the conference bags for conference attendees (estimated 500 attendees), please mail them to the following address, and have them received by March 25th, and we will put them to the conference bags.

    Mr. Andrew Shibo Jiang
    Macau Expo Group Limited
    Ave do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, 223-225
    Nam Kwong bldg, 13K
    Macau SAR
    T: +853 28715616

  3. What are specifications of company supplied banners?
  4. Note that ICDE will not provide banners or retractable systems.
    A sponsor can supply banner(s) to be displayed in the conference based on the sponsorship document. We’d like to request the same standard across the board, in order to have a uniform look. The banner size will be 60cm*160cm.And you can contact sponsor officer, Jenny Su (jenny@iccmacao.com).
    A sponsor may also bring a table cloth with logo.

  5. What are the sizes for exhibition tables?
  6. Platinum sponsors: 2 tables of 6′ x 24″
    Gold/Silver/Bronze sponsors: 1 table of 6′ x 24″

  7. What can be included for a sponsor in the program booklet (A5 size 5.83″ x 8.27″/148mm x H 210mm, color)?
  8. Platinum sponsor: two full pages advertisement in program
    Gold sponsor: full page advertisement in program
    Silver sponsor: half page advertisement in program
    Bronze sponsor: quarter-page advertisement in program

  9. Are there any wifi during the conference?
  10. Yes

  11. What is the exhibition time?
  12. The conference is April 9 to April 11, each day starts 8:30am and runs till 5:30pm or so. Sponsors are also welcome to start the exhibition on April 8 (workshop day) starting from 8:30am.

  13. Is everyone coming to the conference required a registration?
  14. Yes.

  15. How does a sponsor claim the complimentary registrations and support staff registration?
  16. To claim a sponsor’s complementary conference registration, please contact registration chair: Andrew Jiang (andrew@iccmacao.com), to require a sponsor-specific access code.

  17. Who is the on-site contact point for exhibits?
  18. You can contact sponsor officer, Jenny Su (jenny@iccmacao.com) , if you need any assistance on-site during the conference/exhibit.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Macau!